Vaccination Service

Prevention is always the best treatment. Nowadays, millions of diseases are preventable.The vaccine is the best gift from the frontier science to human beings. Since the discovery of immunisations, some diseases have been cured, some others are becoming less often or less severe. Some vaccines, once given, can provide a lifetime of protection.Whilst other ones need additional doses or even annually. Every year, vaccines save millions of lives worldwide.

Yosemite Clinic cares about you and your children's health! Vaccination service is available now to best protect you and your family!


Chief Nursing Officer

Hong graduated from the China Medical University Nursing School and worked at the Chinese People's Liberation Army 201 Hospital. Then she went to Saudi Arabia and worked at the ABHA Central Hospital for two years.After returning to China, she worked in Shanghai United Family Hospital for 14 years as the deputy director of nursing. She was responsible for the nursing department and operation of the outpatient clinic and all satellite clinics in the hospital, and participate in the preparation of new hospitals/new clinics.She has experienced 4 JCI international certifications and is familiar with JCI international standards and processes.With leadership and teamwork, she has developed an excellent care team that sets the benchmark for advanced care in the industry.

She holds a Basic Life Support Certificate, Advanced Life Support Certificate, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certificate, and Newborn Senior Life Support Certificate.She is skilled in American AIDET communication skills and can provide clients with high-quality medical care services.

She is proficient in vaccine knowledge and can provide clients with comprehensive scientific vaccine services.