Our Doctor

DR. Samuel ZHU

Education Background:

Graduated from Urinary Surgery Department of The Second Military Medical University with a master degree; On-the-job Doctor of Medicine of The Third Military Medical University

Professional Experience:

Dr. Zhu once studied and worked in Shanghai Changhai Hospital, 181st Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command of PLA, Southeast Hospital affiliated to The Third Military Medical University, Xiamen Changgeng Hospital, under the guidance of distinguished medical specialists, such as Zhilian Min, Danfeng Xu, Bo Song, Mingkun Lai, and Beiye Zhang. Dr. Zhu, with outstanding professional competence and patient-oriented medical service awareness, gains numerous patients’ trust and respect. In 2016, Dr. Zhu was promoted to the associate chief physician. 


Dr. Zhu is very proficient in applying the non-surgical methods (almost painless) to treat the phimosis in children, which has been favored and praised by parents of the patient.

Dr. Zhu specializes in the child urinary diseases, urinary calculus, minimally invasive laparoscopy, endoscopy, male prostate diseases and female urinary diseases. He is able to successfully perform the complicated and delicate urinary surgeries (III & IV) as the main surgeon. Dr. Zhu has been devoting himself in the day surgeries and the minimally invasive surgeries of urinary diseases, including the surgeries such as child herniorrhaphy, appendectomy, hydrocele, cryptorchidism, phimosis, vein ligation, and urinary calculus.