Our Doctor

Mark WU

Mark Wu has qualifications as a Chinese medicine practitioner and physiotherapist from Australia.

His clinical expertise includes assessment and treatment of spinal pain, scoliosis, sports injuries in adults and adolescents, orthopedics rehabilitation, occupational ergonomics and women’s health.

Mark is well known for evidence-based and effective combinations of western and eastern techniques as a result of his education and experience in both approaches.

As a clinician manager, he advocates for agile and lean practices in the healthcare industry. He pioneered standardized technical interview of clinician staff, department mission statement, A-B testing of workflow, team-based incentive programs, among other initiatives that improve team cohesion, quality of care and profitability.

He also has a passion in clinical education. He has led or participated in professional development of junior medical doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths in radiology, physical examination and technique selection, as well as language and customer service training for frontline staff.