Our Doctor

Dr. Anna HUANG

Senior attending physician with 12 years of clinical work experience in plastic surgery at top-notch hospitals.

Dr. Huang graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (Clinical Medicine/English Program) and received a master's degree of plastic surgery. She was trained under renowned plastic surgeons.

She is a member of the Eye Plastic Surgery Branch and Scar Medicine Branch of the Chinese Association of Plastic and Aesthetics, Youth Committee of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and regularly participates in ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) professional academic seminars.

Dr. Huang specializes in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, such as:

- Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation: Botox injection (wrinkle removal, face-lift, Mandible line lift), liposuction and facial contouring with fillers;

- Photoelectric laser procedure: Hydro Lifting, Thermage, Picosecond laser freckle removal, fractional laser, photorejuvenation, hair removal, etc.

- Eyebrow surgery: Minimally invasive and incision of the double eyelids, reconstruction of the inner canthus, and upper lid surgery;

- Other plastic surgery procedure: Removal of pediatric birthmarks and hemangiomas; body surface masses, scars, hyperhidrosis and minimally invasive treatment of underarm odor.

- Emergency treatment: adult / pediatric head and facial trauma, emergency cosmetic suture, wound repair, etc.

Dr. Huang is involved in major research projects, translates scientific journals, and has published articles in the Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery, and other related journals.